At Last, Waylon Smithers Will Come Out as Gay on ‘The Simpsons’


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Nearly every detail of The Simpsons universe has evolved during the show’s 26-year run. The clunky rabbit-ears TV is now a flat screen. Homer texts with Marge (“Big Blue”) on a smartphone. Even the Easter-egg site gags have changed—like when Patton Oswalt’s one-off character was seen reading the fictional New York Review of Apps during the brilliant 2012 episode mocking creator Matt Groening’s hometown (and show inspiration) of Portland, Oregon. And yet, some elements of Springfield seem stuck in the past. There’s a still-sort-of-running joke that Homer has to remember which one of his drinking buddies is white (Lenny) and which one is black (Carl). Then there’s Waylon Smithers. (more…)