The ‘Broment’: As hipster stock dips, pop culture bets on a new breed of ‘bro’

Mike Cassese/Reuters

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Peyton Manning — 6-foot-5, 230 pounds, the knowing grin, that moonish forehead stretching nearly all 71 yards of his 400th career touchdown pass last Sunday — that guy, he’s the guy.

The guy with the most popular jersey in the NFL. The one selling us DirecTV packages between downs this season; the guy who persuaded us to buy a bunch of Papa John’s pizza during the Super Bowl back in February. The man who, at 36, is not just a Denver icon, but an icon for American bros young and old, far and wide. (Not least his little bro, Eli.)

We have arrived at the moment of the bro — “the broment.” Hipsters can leave now. Hipsterdom is dead. Bros reign with an iron fist pump.

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