Why Did Everyone Stop Taking Real Lunch Breaks?


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Depending on the day’s temporary lunch invasion, I either slide my keyboard a few inches forward or a few to the right—far enough to make room for food, but close enough to still answer emails. On sushi days, I slip a brown napkin under the plastic tub of soy sauce in case of splashback, but most afternoons I just stick to the hot buffet. It’s faster. Various cuisines from various parts of the world (same cafeteria) in a disposable clamshell container; food I did not necessarily envision myself eating when I woke up that morning. Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles, jambalaya, make-your-own-tacos. The bottom of the box usually leaves a lukewarm layer of dew on that particular corner of my desk (front left, nearest to the trash can, faster clean-up) the same place where I eat my lunch five days a week. (more…)