The Worst Part About ‘The Jinx’ Is Also Why the Series Worked


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Had Robert Durst been arrested 24 hours later, he may have watched the surprising final episode of The Jinx inside his J.W. Marriott hotel room. Series director Andrew Jarecki claims that he knew Durst had been upset about episode five, which aired one week ago. Fans of the show also know that Durst is keenly aware of how his various transgressions have played out in the public space. Durst’s 2003 acquittal in Galveston, Texas, was grounded in his defense’s narrative that former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro had tarnished Durst’s image and effectively run him out of New York. Durst cared enough about his high profile to disguise himself as a woman; to lie about his trip to Spain; to check into the J.W. Marriott in New Orleans under a fake name. (more…)

Ric Flair Has Two Minutes of Fashion Advice for You


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Ric Flair moseys down a short red carpet behind a nondescript midtown Manhattan doorway, fashionably late on a Tuesday night. He’s one of several marquee names at the VIP kickoff party for the Delta Passport to Madison Square Garden, a two-day initiative to showcase the history of the famous New York arena. There’s Evander Holyfield and Earl Monroe. Here comes John McEnroe, who instantly makes eye contact with Ric Flair. (more…)