David Byrne and Friends Are Putting on a Show That Might Make Your Head Explode


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From his SoHo loft, David Byrne has an unobstructed view of a Foot Locker across the street. The elevator rumbles violently as it climbs three flights up before opening directly into the airy space with blond hardwood floors and oversize windows. Byrne, 63 in blue shoes, peers through the panes as Broadway traffic hums below. There’s an American Apparel down the street; a Duane Reade drug store at the end of the block; Bank of America to the south; Opening Ceremony around the corner. CB2’s just a few doors down, and Volcom is across the street from that, just north of the mass-market shoe store that currently occupies Byrne’s field of vision. “I see them occasionally taking their breaks in that kind of narrow space there,” he says of the store’s employees, for no reason in particular. The statement hangs for an extra beat. Was that a metaphor? Is David Byrne hinting at something? Did David Byrne, New York icon, decades-old scenester, House-Burner-Downer, Psycho Killer…er, just summarize his beloved city’s dire gentrification problem in but a passing phrase? (more…)