50 Cent Explains Why Floyd Mayweather Will Beat Manny Pacquiao


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When 50 Cent is explaining something, like really getting into it, when he’s squinting and smiling at the negative space in a large open room, 50 Cent knocks his knuckles on your knee. You know how strongly 50 feels about a particular topic—food, women, working out, his own success—based on how many knocks. Or how long he lets his knuckles rest there. It’s not weird. It’s familial. Within minutes of shaking hands, 50 Cent is a friend you haven’t seen since college. You are the only person in the room. Timbaland is here. His investment partners are here. There are fake trees and blinding white lights and bottles of 50 Cent vodka (Effen) and 50 Cent songs playing at the 50 Cent photo shoot. But 50 Cent radiates tranquility. Positivity. He wants to sit closer to you on the couch. He’s in no rush to move on to the next thing. He loves to talk about all that he’s learned. And when 50 Cent knows something, really knows it, he leans forward and kind of stares at the wall. (more…)